Realtimify – SystemC Simulation in Real Time

Realtimify (pronounced like “real”-“time”-ify”) is a small SystemC module that is intended to carry out SystemC simulations in real time. Of course, this is only possible when the simulation host is fast enough in comparison with the complexity of the model.

There are various fields of applications where a simulation in real time is useful or even required. Think of something like an interactive flight simulator, for instance. But there are also opened new frontiers for the use of SystemC. Instead of using a SystemC model just for the purpose of simulation and evaluation, it could take over the job of the actual application. Surely, this is much like shooting with cannons on birds and in most cases the complexity of the application won’t allow such use. But there will be applications where this is just fine.

Realtimify consists of a small C++ file and an associated header file. It is Open Source and released under the LGPL. So it can be used and modified arbitrarily. Because of its simplicity, it is not provided in form of a library as such. Instead, the two module files should be directly integrated into the application’s source tree.

Realtimify is provided as tar ball together with a small exemplary application that is demonstrating its simple use.

Despite of its simplicity, there are also some odds and things to take care for. A more detailed description about these things can be found in the paper “Realtimify – A small Tool for Real Time SystemCTM Simulations” which can be downloaded from here or from the general publications section.

Finally, the tar ball with Realtimify and the sample application (including a Makefile) can be downloaded from here: systemc_realtimify-0.1.tar.bz2.

For other questions/comments you can contact me via email.